EverService Partners with UserWay, Committing to Ensure Accessibility for All

EverService | Mar 07


Phoenix, AZ –  EverService Holdings, LLC (“EverService”), a leading provider of website development and management solutions, has partnered with UserWay marking a significant step forward in EverService’s dedication to providing inclusive online experiences for all users. 

At the heart of this partnership is the integration of UserWay’s accessibility technology into EverService website platforms. Userway’s Accessibility Pro Widget seamlessly plugs into EverService websites without compromising site performance, empowering website visitors with a suite of over 100 AI-powered accessibility tools that find and resolve accessibility issues and potential compliance violations.  

These tools include voice navigation, integrated screen readers, accessibility profiles, site translations in over 50 languages, and advanced customization capabilities.  

“At EverService, we’re deeply committed to accessibility, compliance, and inclusivity. We are thrilled about this partnership with UserWay, as it enables us to enhance our efforts and empower individuals of all abilities to navigate the digital world effortlessly,” said Jeff Mosler, CEO of EverService.  

UserWay’s commitment to compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards ensures that EverService websites are highly accessible to individuals with a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.  

EverService sites will now feature an Accessibility Statement, providing assurance to auditors, authorities, employees, and the community of their adherence with accessibility standards and commitment to accessibility.   

“We appreciate and share EverService’s vision of scaling accessibility across their clients’ websites,” said Allon Mason, CEO of UserWay. “By making it easier for more sites to prioritize and commit to accessibility, the EverService team supports online visitors of all abilities.” 

Alongside its robust accessibility features, UserWay also offers a $10,000 Pledge to cover awarded damages if a website’s accessibility is ever questioned. Additionally, their Legal Support Program provides attorney-led support to address lawsuits and demand letters, included in subscriptions for free.  

Not only is EverService elevating user experiences through this partnership, but also championing the rights of individuals with diverse abilities by creating online platforms that transcend barriers. Together, EverService and UserWay empower online visitors to navigate the digital landscape with ease and confidence, setting a new standard for accessibility in the digital age.  


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