Delivering Scalable, Compassionate Care for Home Health Patients

Project overview

Nexa Healthcare provides compassionate, scalable and tech-enabled solution for ~200 home health and hospice locations.


Tennessee-Based Hospice & Home Health Company


2017 to Current


As a rapidly expanding healthcare provider specializing in home health and hospice care, the client faced the challenge of maintaining high-quality, empathetic communication with patients and their families, especially during off-hours and peak times. They required a healthcare-focused answering service capable of scaling alongside their growth while ensuring compassionate support for families during critical and sensitive life events. 


In March of 2017, the client engaged with Nexa Healthcare (originally Mid-State Communications, later acquired by Everservice and now serviced under the Nexa Healthcare brand) to provide overflow and after-hours support for three of their Tennessee hospice locations. Nexa Healthcare’s Specialists received in-depth training from in-house nurses on their patient-centric philosophy of care as well as the unique needs of their patients and loved ones during end-of-life care. Impressed with the quality of service received, they continued to add new locations each month, including the expansion to home health locations in late 2022.  Additionally, a new patient referral line was added to capture new patient inquiries, integrating directly into their CRM to ensure families were connected quickly to a hospice nurse in their local area. 

Today, the client serves over 100,000 patients and their families each year across 30 states, reporting an estimated $100M in revenue. Nexa Healthcare supports all ~200 locations, handling over 15,000 inbound calls per month. As a strategic partner committed to supporting their growth, operational efficiency, and patient experience, Nexa Healthcare continually develops innovative solutions. As such, Nexa Healthcare’s Technology Team developed a custom HIPAA-compliant integration with Microsoft Teams to alert On-Call Nurses of new messages within 15 seconds of completion of the call. This workflow is bolstered by a robust escalation process, including outbound calling every 5 minutes until resolution, leading to improved dispatch response times and a 25% reduction in follow-up confirmation calls in its first month.   

To support the client's internal Operations teams and clinical personnel, Nexa Healthcare’s Account Management Team provides around-the-clock support for their 1,000+ employees. Locations also have the option of utilizing Nexa Healthcare’s self-service portal to access detailed call volume reporting and manage on-call schedules in real time. 

Over just six years, Nexa Healthcare has significantly expanded the partnership, demonstrating the capacity to deliver empathetic, efficient, and scalable answering services. Nexa Healthcare’s tailored, tech-enabled solutions have transformed patient experiences in the healthcare industry, particularly in the sensitive domains of home health and hospice care. With continuous innovation and commitment to compassionate service, Nexa Healthcare stands as a critical partner in driving the client's operational excellence and patient care standards.