A Decade of Delivering Peace of Mind

Project overview

The Meehan Law Firm, known as the top DUI and criminal defense lawyers in California, sought a partnership to provide 24/7/365 legal intake and on-call services.


Meehan Law Firm


2013 to Current


The firm's mission is to deliver peace of mind to anyone facing criminal allegations – this mission is best accomplished by ensuring immediate legal assistance is available in a potential client’s time of need. Individuals dealing with criminal allegations should not face the daunting process alone and the firm recognized the need for a reliable solution to ensure availability of experienced lawyers around-the-clock. In these moments, every second counts, and a missed call represents a missed opportunity to protect the rights of those in need.


The firm engaged in a strategic partnership with Alert Communications (an EverService company) to implement a bilingual legal intake solution and process to seamlessly hand-off emergent situations to on-call attorneys. On top of the 24/7 call-answering solution, Alert developed a technology integration with the firm’s Salesforce application to ensure seamless transfer of case information between systems. This solution was complemented by a suite of robust analytics and reporting that inform strategy, drive results, and continuously improve the caller experience. 

In the last 6 months, Alert Intake Specialists have handled thousands of calls with an impressively fast average answer time of only 7 seconds. On average, Alert completes hundreds of intakes per month, connecting potential clients with an experienced criminal attorney who can help with their legal need.