24/7 Healthcare Solution Drives Leads for Senior Care Franchise

Project overview

Nationwide senior home care placement & franchise network sought 24/7 solution to maximize lead capture & conversion.


Senior Care Franchise


2016 to Current


With a limited staff, the company faced a challenge providing 24/7 phone coverage as a nationwide senior care franchise and referral network. Every lead was a family in need, and with each placement opportunity valued at staggering average of $150,000, every lead mattered. Additionally, the company sought an experienced partner to recommend as a preferred provider to their network of over 140 (and growing) franchisees.


Corporate leadership engaged with Nexa Healthcare (an EverService company) to develop a solution that provided around-the-clock coverage for corporate marketing lines and participating franchisees. Together, they developed a workflow that delivered a warm and compassionate experience connecting families with certified local advisors. Inquiries are collected and integrated directly into the company’s CRM, ensuring seamless lead attribution and transfer between systems.

In the first half of 2023, Nexa Healthcare Specialists have fielded over 2700 inquiries on behalf of the corporate office and enrolled franchisees. With the success of this solution for their current franchise network, the parent company is currently expanding this model across their additional lines of business.